Xi Jinping Lauds China’s Ability to Defeat ‘All Invading Enemies’ in Massive Military Celebration

By Frances Martel

China’s President Xi Jinping, clad in combat fatigues and overseeing one of the largest displays of military might in recent memory, applauded members of the nation’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Sunday while warning them to remain “ready for fight, capable of combat, and sure to win.”

The PLA will observe its 90th anniversary on August 1. To celebrate, the Chinese government staged massive military exercises in the Inner Mongolia region, overseen by Xi and culminating with a presidential address to the troops. An estimated 12,000 troops participated in the exercises at Zhurihe, the largest military training facility in Asia. In addition to the exercises, the Chinese military paraded a variety of new armored vehicles, aircraft, and other hardware, publishing a number of photos of the display online:

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