In Desperate Need of a Great Conservative Discussion Forum

What the World Needs is a Good Conservative Discussion Forum

Have you ever been searching the web for the latest and greatest, but you only find the big name sites with obnoxious, overbearing ads. Oh, and don’t forget the multitude of click-bait ads? Ah, those are very annoying indeed. Because these sites are filled with so many videos and click-bait articles, it’s difficult to wade through them all. For those who don’t know, click-bait articles and videos are just that. In order to find out more information you need to click a button for the next number in a series. To see the next, you need to click again. Most normal websites have lists of the top 10 or top 12 all on one page. With click-bait, you have to click more to get more information. It’s a marketing scheme but it must still be effective. Effective doesn’t make it right; it just makes it unnavigable.

Pay Walls

Some of these right of center or tea party forums even have what they call “pay walls” set up. Pay walls require the user to take an action before the webmasters will let you in to view their precious information. Most of the time those pay walls are merely a way to get more hits. More hits mean, potentially more ad revenue. (It’s all about the money, isn’t it?) Often you’ll need to enter your email and name, or your Facebook or Twitter information before you can see anything worthwhile. After that, you could be sorely disappointed because the news you wanted isn’t the news the big site was willing to share with you. That requires a paid subscription to the magazine or newspaper. It’s all so deceptive. I don’t think I’ve ever made it past the initial sign up. I’ve never paid a dime for my information and never intend to.

So, what’s the solution? Most of the time I find that I need to be engaged in the topic in order to absorb its meaning. I like sites that let me comment on posts and pages, as well as a well-rounded view of the topic. My comments are usually well-thought out because I know that other people will be reading and absorbing the information. No need to waste their time or mine. I rarely post a “thanks for the post” comment because it really does not serve the site or other readers well. It’s a waste of time. That’s what a “Thanks” button is designed to do. But not all of those sites were created equally either. I don’t mind debating the issues either as long as the threads don’t devolve into ad hominem attacks and character assaults.

conservative news forumI also am a bit partial to right wing forums where I can just let my hair hang down, so to speak. I say right wing, but I really mean “right-leaning.” Right Wing is something the left has deemed to be hateful and spiteful. These forums often offer a friendly environment to be in, though there are quite a few kooks out there too. On the other hand, there are conservative message forums that are just plain dangerous, but those are easy enough to spot.

So, what do I like in a forum? A forum is a place where I can go and share intimate feelings or just my opinions. If I want, I can also post articles that I find interesting.The web is full of news sites from all across the globe. I’d like to participate in the discussions of the articles that I post. I wouldn’t have posted the article if I didn’t find it interesting.

Of course the site I have in mind will have to load quickly. I don’t care about the fancy icons and stupid emojis that discussion groups have within the Disqus talk threads. It just detracts from the discussions at hand. I’m not even concerned about videos because they too take up valuable bandwidth. Just give me the information and let me talk about it. Though if you have a link to a video, I’m interested in that. Again, it’s about the ability to read and write in a forum that’s important to me.

I’m not at all impressed with Republican message boards or GOP forums, or the GOP for that matter. They are a bunch of whiny, power-hungry, politicians who do not have our best interests at hearts.They really don’t know how to do websites right.

Now, point me to a few quality Conservative or libertarian boards, and I’m all over it. I would not ever entertain the idea of a liberal forum. Yuck. That’s depressing. They have no vision for the future, and they just love to bash true conservatives. Let’s go with something along the lines of a tea party discussion forum. Yeah, that’ll work.

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