1. Black and Blonde Media: Philip Mud Joke: CNN’s On-Air ‘Kill This Guy’ Trump Death Wish Continues

    12 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Bob Parks As usual we must preface this (again) by asking you to imagine the outrage, if not quick dismissal from employment, had anyone at CNN or any other media company implied the possible killing of former President Barack Obama. It would all be about anti-Americanism, racism, whatever could

  2. The Hill: Trump barrage stuns McConnell and his allies

    12 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Alexander Bolton Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) did not intend to pick a fight when he questioned President Trump’s expectations and was surprised by the explosion it produced, according to people close to the Senate GOP leader. McConnell and Trump spoke Wednesday about what McConnell’s allies characterized as a misunderstanding,

  3. Breitbart: Horror novelist Stephen King took to Twitter Friday to call for President Donald Trump to be “removed” from office

    12 Aug 2017 ... By Jerome Hudson “Donald Trump is unfit for office. Needs to be removed,” the author wrote. Donald Trump is unfit for office. Needs to be removed. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) August 11, 2017 The social media missive was just the latest attack King has lodged at President Trump in

  4. Breitbart: Donald Trump: Mitch McConnell Should Have Threatened McCain, Murkowski, Collins Chair Positions

    12 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Charles Spiering President Donald Trump believes that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not do everything possible to pass an Obamacare replacement bill. When reporters asked Trump why he continued to batter McConnell despite support for the Senate Majority Leader from his Republican colleagues, he replied shortly, “Don’t make

  5. Townhall: How Donald Trump is Driving the Democrats Crazy

    11 Aug 2017 ...  

    By John C. Goodman You would think the Democrats would be on cloud nine. Donald Trump’s favorability ratings are as low as anyone can remember their being for a sitting president. The Republicans failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. They are stumbling on tax reform. They won the special elections

  6. CNN: Robert Mueller has crossed Trump’s ‘red line,’ now looking into President’s finances, report says

    05 Aug 2017 ...  

    By CNN Federal investigators exploring whether Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russian spies have seized on Trump and his associates' financial ties to Russia as one of the most fertile avenues for moving their probe forward, according to people familiar with the investigation. One year after the FBI opened an

  7. Conservative Review: Levin: Grand jury leakers want to destroy Trump

    05 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Chris Pandolfo The latest news regarding the ongoing Russia investigation is that special counsel Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury in D.C., affording him the power to subpoena documents, put witnesses under oath, and seek an indictment should there be any evidence of criminal activity. From the beginning, Conservative

  8. Townhall: Mutiny on the Potomac

    05 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Jeff Crouere The world is witnessing a political mutiny that is unprecedented in the annals of American history. Donald Trump was duly and overwhelmingly elected President of the United States on Tuesday November 8, 2016. He received the votes of almost 63 million Americans, the highest total ever for

  9. Breitbart: Waters: ‘When We Finish With Trump, We Have to Go and Get’ Pence

    04 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Ian Hanchett On Friday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated that after President Donald Trump is impeached, Vice President Mike Pence won’t be a better president than Trump and should be impeached as well. One of the show’s hosts, Joy Behar asked, “Do you think Pence

  10. To Sink Trump Is to Sink Ordinary Americans

    25 Jul 2017 ...  

    The Left seems to care about only taking out President Trump politically. Conservatives, conservative forums, and those on his side should fight vigorously to stop this travesty.

  11. Is Tillerson Getting Ready to Quit?

    24 Jul 2017 ...  

    By Gabrielle Levy Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may be considering resigning from his job as frustrations with the Trump administration may have him nearing the end of his rope. People "familiar with Tillerson conversations with friends outside Washington" told CNN the mood in Foggy Bottom's Mahogany Row has grown

  12. Stuart Varney: Trump has already made America $4 trillion richer (with just six months in office)

    22 Jul 2017 ...  

    Stuart Varney: Trump has already made America $4 trillion richer (with just six months in office) It’s Thursday, July 20th. As of today, Donald Trump has been president for 6 months. The media coverage of the president is overwhelmingly negative: the press remains contemptuous, and they're pushing to get him

  13. Evan Sayet: He Fights

    22 Jul 2017 ... My Leftist friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s lack of decorum.  They ask if I don’t think his tweets are “beneath the dignity of the office.”  Here’s my answer: We Right-thinking people have tried dignity.  There could not