How To Post

We're just starting out, but our aim is to continue the conversation started by a news headline or event. The process is simple:

  1. Find a news story you want to discuss.
  2. Open an account or sign into your account here.
  3. Post the story with proper attribution to the rightful website. The first 3-5 will be in Post Moderation Mode.
  4. After you've posted five stories and we've approved them, your story will get posted automatically. In other words, we'll upgrade your account.
  5. Use social media to link to the story.

Due to the number of spammers and scammers we get, we will moderate your first 3-5 posts so that we see you're a real human. Then you can post 'til your heart's delight!

We use a WordPress platform so signing in and posting news articles is simple. We're tweaking the fields so that you can have a great user experience.

Before you post, however, please be sure the article you are linking to is not on the list of sites that have either requested for us NOT to post articles or sites that have asked us only to post excerpts. That list can be found here. It's extensive, but there are many many other quality websites out there that DO allow us to post and discuss.

We also welcome your suggestions on how we can improve the site.