Geller: Incredible VIDEO: Migrants storm resort beach in Spain crowded with sunbathing tourists

Incredible video. Migrants storm a resort beach in Spain crowded with sunbathing tourists.


By Pamela Geller

This the very definition of out of control. Chaos.


Spain: a migrant boat docks on a beach crowded with tourists They ran between towels and sandpits. Several dozen migrants landed on a beach of the Germans, in Cádiz (Spain), Wednesday, August 9, provoking the surprise of the tourists. In a video broadcast on Twitter by a witness of the scene, we see a dark boat arrive on the shore, while its occupants rush to the land. Many swimsuit tourists were on their way. Others watched them in the distance, from the water or the sandy beach.

According to the online newspaper El Confidential, there have been as many migrant arrivals in the area where the scene took place in the first quarter of 2017 as it was throughout 2016. According to the Real Instituto Elcano , A Spanish laboratory of ideas cited by El Confidential, this increase is due to an increasingly difficult crossing of the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy.


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