Third Intifida?

Arab MK says third Intifada has already begun


July 21, 2017 19:07

Joint List lawmakers blame Israeli prime minister for deaths of three Palestinians in clashes. Protests break out in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian protesters hurl stones towards Israeli troops during clashes near Qalandiya checkpoint n

The government's brutal actions at the Al-aksa Mosque, changing the status quo by placing metal detectors, will necessarily lead to a third Intifada, that already began today," Joint List Member of Parliament Taleb Abu Arar, said Friday afternoon. The lawmaker warned of a major Palestinian uprising and accused the police of killing three Palestinians in clashes following weekly prayers in Jerusalem.

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  1. Arabic word literally meaning, as a noun, "tremor", "shivering", "shuddering". It is derived from an Arabic term nafada meaning "to shake", "shake off", "get rid of". From Wikipedia: Intifada

    First Intifada

    Second Intifada

    One doesn't have to wonder too much what they actually want to "shake off."

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