Update: UK Docs Make Sick Move After Surgeon Says Charlie Gard Can Live

By K Campbell

Terminally ill United Kingdom baby Charlie Gard has been fighting for his life, while his parents and supporters fight for their right to care for him, but those who oppose him receiving treatment have been adamant.

Now that an American neurosurgeon who examined the boy is siding with the parents, and a hearing on the case turned bitterly emotional Friday, the dispute is getting even hotter.

Dr. Michio Hirano examined Charlie, who suffers from a rare genetic condition called mitochondrial depletion syndrome, and determined that experimental therapy could possibly save the baby’s life.

However, British doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital were “unconvinced” by Hirano’s assessment and disagreed with his finding that Charlie’s brain damage was not irreversible, according to the U.K. Telegraph.

The hospital continued its argument that the infant should be allowed to “die with dignity,” the Telegraph reported.

Hirano and hospital officials spent five hours discussing the situation and their differing opinions on the child’s potential for life-saving treatment.

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