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  1. PJ Media: Korea and the Democrats’ Deep Psychological Fear that Trump Is Right

    12 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Roger L. Simon One of the unspoken 'indications' in the medical sense of the ever-metastasizing Trump Derangement Syndrome is that the sufferers have a deep conscious/unconscious fear that Trump is right. What if the man they have excoriated unremittingly as a barbarian-racist-xenophobe-homophobe -misogynist-nitwit turns out to have been on

  2. Townhall: How Donald Trump is Driving the Democrats Crazy

    11 Aug 2017 ...  

    By John C. Goodman You would think the Democrats would be on cloud nine. Donald Trump’s favorability ratings are as low as anyone can remember their being for a sitting president. The Republicans failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. They are stumbling on tax reform. They won the special elections

  3. Fox News: Mark Steyn: Democrats Deliver on Their Agenda, Republicans Don’t

    05 Aug 2017 ...  

    Author Mark Steyn reminded that when Democrats were in power in Congress under President Obama they did not waste time moving forward with their agenda, something the Republican Congress has struggled to do this year. "Whatever you feel, they get into power and they deliver, boom, right from the first