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  1. Geller: Review of Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program: Magnet for Middle East Refugees, Lucrative for U.S. Agencies

    05 Aug 2017 ...  

    By Pamela Geller Look what Obama did. He actively worked to destroy this country. Actively. The last points in the list are very revealing of how American taxpayers are being abused. –The program is rife with fraud and corruption at all levels. UN personnel often sell access to the program

  2. Refugees Coming in a Mixed Bag….

    22 Jul 2017 ...  

    More Christians than Muslim refugees in US under Trump, but fewer overall By World Watch Monitor  Christians account for a steadily growing share of refugee arrivals in the US, Pew Research has found, although the net number of Christian arrivals may in fact be shrinking. In its review of