Fixing the Tax Mess

By Bruce Bialosky

Paul Ryan and his fellow members of Congress are forging ahead in an attempt to rearrange the deck chairs of our tax system before we all sink under the code’s voluminous verbiage. Many House members — particularly in the Republican Party — have moved toward simplification. T.R, Reid has authored A Fine Mess, his take on our tax system and how it compares to other countries, which some people are using as a benchmark for how to tackle the current tax entanglement.

Mr. Reid has produced a very readable analysis of taxes with very few errors considering he is a layman on the issue. But Reid is an experienced foreign correspondent who told me “My mission was to educate my readers on how other societies operate in regard to issues like their health or tax system.” Reid stated his goal was “Comparative policy analysis through looking at other countries.” Reid previously produced a “baker’s dozen” books varying from the birth of the microchip to analysis of the health care system.

{Excerpt}


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