Plano Named Second Least Stressed City in America

By Kelsey Samuels

In a recent study, submitted a list of the most stressed cities in America. Out of 150 cities, WalletHub measured stress level based on 30 metrics, and from the research, Plano ranked 149th, the second least-stressed city in the country.

The city ranked highly in hourly work hours, average hours of sleep and one of the highest in job security. Plano also had one of the lowest poverty rates, lowest divorce rates and top five most affordable housing.

I wasn’t surprised,” said Steve Stoler, Plano’s director of media relations, when the study was announced. The city’s often named in “Best of” lists like “the Best Places to Get a Job” or “America’s Healthiest cities.”

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  1. Well well well now. Plano is second. That's reassuring. It's not a bad place to live. It's lively and happening. There's a clear delineation between East and West only it's not railroads but a highway.

    When we lived there a few months ago there seemed to be more traffic than I would have cared for. Traffic always stresses me, but that may just be me.

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